The Binaural Cure

When in a state of high anxiety or stress it becomes increasingly harder for a person to calm down and go to sleep. What happens is that in that moment of anxiety or stress, our brain waves increase and that puts us in a position where we feel like we won’t be able to relax and that we won’t be able to sleep. This phenomenon can even cause insomnia in some people. Now people who have this issue or people with fully blown insomnia become anxious or mentally active during the night or when they usually sleep. What they need is for their minds to be in a relaxed and calm state. For this they can use binaural beats therapy.

The mind has different states, when struck by anxiety or stress it moves into either the Beta state; where the mind is active and awake while focusing on the external world and its happenings, or the Alpha state; where is active and awake but is focusing on the internal world and is comparatively relaxing compared to the Beta state. So how these binaural beats work is that using different frequencies the brain is lead from the Beta or Alpha state to a Theta state, which is a dream state or a meditative state where you still have self awareness, and then into a Delta state which is a deep sleep state where you lose bodily awareness. People who have trouble sleeping can listen to these binaural beats and use this as a form of sleep therapy by listening to them at bedtime or a little before whenever they usually sleep. The binaural beats for lucid dreaming will calm down the person using them and will manually adjust the frequency of their brain so that they are in a more relaxed state and can sleep easy.

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