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Natural Vitamins VS Synthetic Vitamins

Vitamins are vital organic materials for our body. It provides our body necessary elements for proper metabolism and activity. It enables the organs to function well so without them, a person cannot survive. Natural vitamins can be found in food such as meat and fruits.

Being deficient of vitamins leads to different kinds of problems. Organs cannot function well and it will cause problems like anemia and shut down of bodily systems. One example of this is the deficiency of vitamin C known as scurvy in which the person suffers from internal bleeding and rashes. Another is Niacin deficiency which causes Central Nervous System (CNS) and gastrointestinal malfunction.

Vitamins are proven essential but nowadays, foods are lacking the essential vitamins and minerals needed so pills and supplements becomes another option of getting them into the body. Pills are also easily bought through the counter transactions which solves the problem of not getting the needed vitamins because the food with the vitamin is not easily available.

Natural VitaminsA healthy body needs vitamins. But it needs it in proper amount. There are 2 kinds of vitamins. One is a kind of vitamins which can be acquired from natural whole foods called natural vitamins. They are vitamins that are not artificially made. Another kind of vitamins is what you call the synthetic vitamins which are artificially made.

Natural vitamins are more beneficial than synthetic vitamins since they come in a form present with enzymes, co-enzymes, co-factors and other minerals to help in the effectiveness of the vitamin. Synthetic vitamins on the other hand, contain chemical components that are not really meant for human consumption. Synthetic vitamins in highly concentrated form are also dangerous because it gives you higher than the needed amount your body needs and thus causes toxicity to your body.

Sometimes, synthetic vitamins in pills cause bad than good. One example of this is Titanium dioxide which is a carcinogen. So watch out for ingredients like this.
But not all pills are synthetic though almost all of pills are. There are also pills that aren’t synthetic like pills that are made from natural products. How would you know which is which?

There are hints to what kind of vitamins you should buy and what you should do is to look at the ingredients. Natural Vitamin A comes as beta-carotene but synthetic Vitamin A comes as retinyl acetate or retinyl palmate. Synthetic Thiamine comes as Thiamine Mononitrate and Thiamine Hydrochloride. These are just examples.

Another way of know which is which is through checking out what kind of natural product they used. Some pills are made from natural products like from vegetables and herbs. One example of this is a supplement pill made from bitter gourd or malunggay.

There’s a big importance to why you should know which from which especially when you want a healthy body. Not all vitamins sold in stores are good. Be sure that what you intake is natural and not artificially made. What you’re dealing with is your body so be sure to be careful.